The Benefits of Cloud Printing

April 8, 2019
Benefits of cloud printing
Cloud printing allows printing from any device in the network (Photo by GotCredit)

Technology is evolving on a daily basis. Not too long ago, we explained on ezeep the wisdom of adopting mobile printing. The premise is simple: Mobile devices are popular, so it makes sense for companies to offer mobile-based printing so their employees can print on-the-go. But mobile printing isn’t the only remote type of printing service companies ought to explore. Nowadays, cloud printing is just as important, because it allows printing from any device in the network. More specifically, cloud printing has the following benefits:

Anytime, anywhere printing

Cloud printing, as pointed out in an article on Open Access Government, lets users print their documents on any printer within their organization’s network, from any device. For example, an HR manager working remotely can print an important document that their staff needs directly to the HR printer. Cloud printing is just as useful within an office setting, as this capability offers flexibility to employees with regard to their printing needs. Granted, printing documents is no longer as prevalent nowadays as opposed to years ago; nevertheless, there are always documents that will need to be printed, and the cloud is a great option in that regard.

Increased efficiency with Cloud Printing

Being able to print anywhere, anytime means being able to print with ease, convenience and in less time. This then translates to increased efficiency, as extraneous steps in the printing process are eliminated. An employee, for instance, can print on the printer closest to them. Another employee, meanwhile, can use any device to access a file and print it out. This is the ease and versatility of cloud printing. Think about a manager who wants extra copies of a report created by their staff; rather than ask someone else to print copies, they can access the file and print it themselves. Alternatively, staff can also be instructed to print the copies directly to a specific office.

Enhanced security

‘4 Ways Cloud Printing Can Supercharge Your Small Business’ by Biz Journals makes a valid point about printers being a potential — and vulnerable — target of cyberattacks. The threat of these attacks is very real and can be crippling to a company. Maryville University describes how we live in a data-driven world filled with unknowns — especially when it comes to cyber security. Within this context, the nature of printers as endpoint devices mean that they are left on constantly so that they can be used by the entire workforce. They are, therefore, vulnerable to cyber attacks where hackers could get unauthorized access to company data. Shifting to cloud printing offers a viable solution to this problem, since modern, cloud-compatible printers come with built-in security features. These include real-time threat detection, software validation, and automated monitoring. Perhaps more important, they protect not only the printer itself, but also the entire network. This protection is critical for businesses, and it is further magnified in smaller businesses that generally don’t have the means to employ a full-time, fully functioning IT department.


In many ways, cloud printing is a simple, all-in-one printing method that can by and large meet all the printing demands of a company. The costs of installing and maintaining are relatively modest too. But more importantly, it provides an extra layer of cybersecurity. This is something that is often overlooked until a company actually falls victim to cyberattack. At which point, damage control can prove costly, and data recovery, even costlier. Cloud printing helps businesses avoid these expensive scenarios.

Given all of these benefits, it’s hard to see why companies wouldn’t opt for cloud printing over traditional methods. Its emergence, along with mobile printing, underscores just how modern businesses require cutting-edge solutions to gain an edge in markets that never stop embracing innovation. After all, as Steve Jobs once said, “Innovation distinguishes between a leader and a follower” and the same applies in all facets of business.

Article contributed by: Stacey Arnold
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