5 Ways Coworking Operators Are Making Money with Member Printing

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Most coworking operators dread printing. They think people won’t use it. They think it’s a lot of trouble to set up. It turns out that when it comes to these and other printing concerns, they are quite wrong. Here’s the truth:

Most people who join a shared workspace assume they’ll get a desk and access to three things: a bathroom, a coffee machine and a printer. These are just the baseline standards most people won’t even ask about – because they assume it’s there. So rather than just disappoint your guests, why not find a way to easily set things up properly?

You’ll be surprised to learn how on-demand printing can actually make up for a nice little revenue stream that will quickly cover all operational and installation costs. Here’s how to ensure member printing at your coworking spaces will work to the benefit of everyone involved:

1. Include Printing Quotas as Part of your Membership Fees

An easy way to make sure your coworkers get in the habit of using the printer is to offer everyone a free printing quota as part of their membership, and give them the option to buy additional packages if they need it. You can give the members 30 pages per month free of charge, and then let them buy extensions of 100 pages. You’ll find most people will start using the printer, and several will end up paying for extra prints. You’ll also find you can easily turn a profit margin from this arrangement, even more so than if you were to withhold the free initial prints. Remember that you can also adjust how much you charge for each printing add-on, to ensure the numbers always work to your advantage.

2. Make Sure the Printing System Simply Works

There are typically cumbersome scenarios associated with shared printers that you’ll be wise to avoid if you want to make sure your printing is profitable and relaxing. Printouts should be delivered fast so that members don’t mistakenly click print a second or third time. Printers should be easy to find, connect, and to print to – also from Macs and mobile devices. A clear and fair payment system should be in place that doesn’t deter users from printing, and that doesn’t result in a loss for the space. For longer-term members, it is recommended to include printing costs in the monthly fee.

3. Make your On-Demand Printing Simple and Seamless

Set things up so that people won’t have to push more than a single button to print. Make sure all the basics are provided to keep things in order. This includes providing all the available printing accessories people might need, including toners, ink cartridges, paper and anything else that might be relevant, down to a stapler and a binding machine.

4. Place the Printer Centrally and Strategically

If you place the printer centrally rather that stuff in just about any obscure corner, people will naturally notice it more, which means they’ll inevitably use it more often; moreover, if you put the printer in an “honorable” spot, people will soon appreciate it’s there. Much like the coffee machine which often serves as a suitable spot for a little social interaction with fellow workers, the printer can serve a similar role.

5. Your Printer can be Great Advertising

Your printer can be an unexpected bait to lure in casual new people who might eventually join your shared workspace. Why not offer on-demand printing to outsiders as a form of advertising? Just put a sign outside your space inviting anyone to come in when they need some casual printing done! If your location is right, this will attract workers in the neighborhood who might appreciate your shared office space, spread the word or eventually join in themselves.

For your shared office printing to work for you, it must first and foremost work for the people using it. ezeep can be your key to your success. Your coworking members will only start relying on the shared printer if they know it’s always readily available and easy to use.

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