9 Ways Your Company Culture Drives Innovation | Yahoo! Chief Development Officer Jackie Reses

Jackie Reses is Chief Development Officer for Yahoo! Inc. In this role, Jackie focuses on global development in four key areas—people, culture, partnerships and M&A. Prior to joining Yahoo!, Jackie led the U.S. media group at Apax Partners, served as CEO of iBuilding Inc. and spent seven years at Goldman Sachs in mergers and acquisitions and the principal investment area. Part of her work involves implementing continual company culture improvements to foster increased innovation. A recent speaker at DLDWomen, she shares nine ways that Yahoo! strives to optimize its company culture:

Move Faster: How can we remove barriers to productivity and efficiency?

Amplify Greatness: What are our amazing elements and how can we make them bigger? Let’s do it by design and not default.

Tune Your Engine: Tweak it every day.

Speed as a Strategy: If something is good, go ahead and change it to make it better. Make decisions immediately, and then go (and go hard). Push faster and have audacious goals. Get rid of roadblocks to productivity. Always ask how to improve company. Process, Bureaucracy & Jams (PB&J)—anybody can change from the bottom up

Culture of Transparency: Radical transparency creates good change. Every Friday, Yahoo! employees can send a question to administration, asking for feedback from absolutely everyone in company.

Celebrate Risk and Mistakes: You cannot have innovation without failure. We celebrate failure as a lesson learned. We are not embarrassed, nor do we hide from, mistakes.

Hack Away at It: Hackathons promote employee innovation in a short time. (For instance, the awesome new Yahoo! weather app came from one of their sponsored hackathons.)

Tuning the Engine: Every quarter, we set goals to keep the performance quick, hiring committees ensure that ALL new employees are reviewed by executive teams, and we always launch calendars and follow-through with roadmaps.

Hire the Best of the Best: Companies with the best talent will win, so be extremely deliberate with the way you engage from within and without.