brands4friends Communications Director: Best Strategies for Spreading Your Company’s Brand

Claudia Gellrich is Head of Corporate Communication at, Germany’s largest online shopping club with over five-million members. She’s responsible for PR and employee communication, pioneered and introduced her company’s brand-partner communication strategy, since 2008 has built-up her own powerhouse comms team through hires and securing a best-fit PR agency, and has achieved a return-on-investment that is ten times brands4friends’ invested budget.

She recently visited ezeep’s HQ for one of our Friday Lunch ‘n’ Learn sessions. Lunch ‘n’ Learn is a relaxed, conversational forum in which we invite experts to join us for a meal and talk about the professional lessons they’ve learned over time. As a young technology startup, this is our chance to gain invaluable business insights from leaders in their field. Below are our notes from our Q&A.

1) Trickle down theory: Target the biggest news orgs first. If the Wall Street Journal features your company, the smaller publications will inevitably follow the leader. It’s an easier strategy than expending tons of effort courting every grassroots blogger in attempt to build from the bottom up.

2) Let your clients share your story: You can do all the branding and marketing you want, but the single-most trusted source of information is the success story straight from the mouths of the people whose lives you’ve made better with your product or service. Let them share your story.

3) Infographics rule the day: Compile statistics supporting the use value and market importance of your service and have a designer transform these into visually delightful stories that tell a story better than any long-winded text would do. People can readily grasp the information and will likely pass forward.

4) Different stakeholders, different comms: Sharing stories and ideas isn’t all fun and games. Be strategic and think in advance about to whom you’re talking, why you’re talking to them through a chosen channel and, above all, ask yourself ‘What’s in it for them?’ This is business, not a charity.

5) Invite & attend: The online world is great for many things, but forming meaningful connections with target stakeholders doesn’t occur in the ether. Attend selected events and make connections to share the word of your service. Better yet, host a company event or pop-up booth and bring them to you.