ezeep’s Beautiful, New Dashboard

Things have been a little quiet on the product front here at ezeep these last few weeks. That’s because we’ve had our heads down working hard on some important updates to the service that make it even better and simpler to use. Today we are very excited to introduce the first of these changes: an all new dashboard to help leaders in organizations stay on top of how much is being printed and by whom.

Since gaining our first customers we knew reporting was important. Up until now we offered a simple xls report. While this was efficient and easy to produce, it wasn’t very visually engaging and meant that organizations needed to get in touch to request a report.

In the past few months, we had an ever increasing number of requests for some more easily accessible reporting. Not ones to dive straight in at the deepend just assuming we know exactly what’s needed, we first wanted to get some more insight from the experts: you.

We started by producing a weekly number crunch report for our customers which was sent by email. We wanted to find out how useful this kind of information is and what we might be missing.

ezeep's new statistics emails helps you take care of your people and your printers.

ezeep’s new statistics emails helps you take care of your people and your printers.

Sure enough we got some great feedback from you guys. You wanted to get more detail – for example, not just the total number of pages each person has printed but a breakdown by color and black & white. You were also more interested in seeing this information in the context of a month – which is why our new dashboard allows you to compare this month and last months stats.

“It was great, I forwarded it to my whole team actually.” -Ruben, Betahaus Hamburg

On the dashboard, we’ve also highlighted the most important numbers right at the top. In a glance you can see how many printers you have connected, your monthly active users and how many pages have been printed.

“It’s great for us to see who is printing what so we know which teachers need a lot of paper for their classes and can plan what we need to order each month.” -Ben, General Assembly

We’re super pleased to release this new update and as ever look forward to hearing what you think. And stay tuned. There will be more announcements coming in the next few weeks. We can’t wait to tell you all about it…