Hip, Hip! Have a Look at ezeep’s Hot, New Home Page

Hip, Hip! Have a Look at ezeep’s Hot, New Home Page

We’re not gonna lie. At ezeep, bootstrapping is the name of the game. As a young, quickly evolving tech company just shy of 20 employees, everybody has their hands on everything. The job description for which an ezeep was hired quickly becomes obsolete in the face of growth opportunities that necessitate on-site, real-time expansion of one’s skill set. We’re learning all the time, setting into motion wild and never-quite-impossible dreams, and assuming new roles to meet new challenges on a daily basis. In short, it’s crazy and also beautiful.

The latest iteration of our website got a significant boost from Product Designer Matthias Kretschmann. All his talents for developing ezeep’s warm, human-friendly interface aside, it turns out he’s also got quite a knack for web design. Often, business-to-business software web pages are lifeless and boring. With ezeep’s new website, Matthias questions this presupposition:  Why handle an enterprise software site differently than a consumer software site? Sure, ezeep’s website is designed to communicate to the leaders of organizations but, in the end, business people are, well, people like anybody else. Why not give them a fresh, friendly experience with rich colors and graphics, and even a few playful elements to elevate their online engagement?

In the latest iteration of our home page, Matthias radically reconceptualized the very foundation of our brand, bringing to life ezeep’s origami hummingbird and sending it to the stars. Creating a successful home page banner is no small feat–it must visually communicate the soul of an organization in the blink of an eye, emotionally and intellectually encouraging visitors to give pause to their busy day, scroll down a few moments more and perhaps even linger. The clean luminescence of the ezeep bird in sharp relief against the rich blue of the starry night-sky shares our message with a new level of sophistication and charm.

Screen Shot 2013-05-27 at 14.15.32We’ve landed on a stronger, suaver brand message, as well. Whereas before, we explained our software service’s many features in a somewhat scattered fashion, we’ve now collected our many facets under the banner of Cloud-Managed Printing (a term that doesn’t yet exist on the market!), which is propped-up by three powerful components: 1) The Cloud, 2) Customization, and 3) Care. And rather than a bunch of meaningless marketing text that doesn’t say much but instead takes up space, Matthias instead powerfully communicates ezeep’s three pillars graphically, alongside brief, to-the-point descriptions.

We’re thrilled to debut the latest iteration of our website with ezeep’s growing international community, and we’re also on the prowl for the next big thing. ezeep is currently scouting for a freelance web designer with experience creating conversion-optimized sites to take it to the next level. If you can also write your own HTML and CSS, we want to hear from you. Our lovely friends at Somewhere are helping us find the best match, so take a gander at our specs and culture if you want to join our team.