How to Find the Best-Fit Position for Your Personality: ‘Somewhere’ Success Story

Joana came from a corporate position in London, working for Xerox. Now, via a unique job-placement service called Somewhere, she’s helping spearhead sales at ezeep. (That’s us, y’all: a young tech company that sprang from Berlin’s startup ecosystem, we have a global mission to radically transform how people in organizations print. Big dreams, true story.)

“ezeep’s company culture speaks to my own, personal beliefs about culture. Here, I have the authority to claim my own projects and a strong sense of the bigger picture. This is new for me, and I value it so much. It’s a whole new way of doing business.” From her native Lisbon to London and now Berlin, Joana found her way to ezeep in part through Somewhere. A┬ájob-placement service that dispenses with tradition, Somewhere redefines how companies and potential hires find one another.

Rather than formal CVs and slick professional profiles, the job hunt instead begins with the real, lived, human side of a company. Visitors perusing Somewhere’s site first experience job listings as playful visual and textual sketches of a company’s culture—how people interact, how they create, how they collaborate, how they come together to form community. What visitors don’t see—the company’s name, its business face, its product or service, not even its website.

In this way, one’s entry point into a company is based on an intuitive, emotional connection—if it feels right, then there’s a good chance that there’s a natural, organic fit. And rather than filling out a job application, there are down-to-earth questions that encourage people to talk about what really matters to them—not the polished “job-application answers” they think they should provide. It’s a win-win situation. As Joana put it, “For the first time, applying for a job was actually fun.” And we’re glad she did.

Full disclosure. ezeep’s scouting more people to join our sales team. If you’re attracted to a company culture that promotes flat hierarchies, an everyone-is-her-or-his-own-boss ethos and, naturally, a lot of fun while we’re at it, then visit Somewhere to learn more about ezeep. Who knows? Maybe it’s a perfect match.