I’ve Never Had to Say ‘I Hate My Boss’: Qualities of Great Leaders

I’ve Never Had to Say ‘I Hate My Boss’: Qualities of Great Leaders

We all know someone who’s worked with a mediocre boss, or even a really bad one. Luckily I’ve always had the chance to work with people who inspire me and I’ve never been reduced to saying “I hate my boss.”

Having worked for major international corporations, like Xerox, and now working for a cool young tech company, like ezeep, I can confidently claim that leadership has little to do with age, seniority or gender. Two of the greatest leaders I’ve had the chance to work with show striking similarities regarding their work method: demonstrating a high level of organization, fairness, availability and focus.

From an employee perspective I would consider the following points as the most important to achieve greatness as a Leader of a team or company:

Have a clear goal:  According to Forbes, “Great leaders create culture by design, while average leaders allow culture to evolve by default.” Setting a clear purpose for your business and your team is one of the most important steps to create a clear work ethic and keep people motivated.

Don’t be afraid to be human: Leaders need people to lead, and great leaders see people as humans with potential to develop, to be cared for and to be served. Remembering details, such as birthdays or favorite hobbies, or to point out particularly outstanding instances of people’s daily work are a great sign of leadership.

Be up-to-date:  It’s essential for a leader to have an exceptional comprehension of the marketplace, new user tech trends and competition. For a great leader, it’s even more important to seek others’ inputs, be open-minded and willing to change, especially in a tech startup like ezeep, where things can change on a weekly basis and the software evolves every day.

Treat your people as if your life depends on it-–-it does:Forbes said it best, and I couldn’t frame it any better. The new economy is based on service, what better way to build it than starting within your company culture. Celebrating the biggest company achievements with your team and helping your people becoming successful are the best rewards you can provide as a great leader.

Share your biggest challenges: One of the best ways to inspire, get respected and admired by your team is to humbly share your biggest challenges and asked them to help you solve them.

There is no perfect formula about how to become a great leader within a company—it’s some special mix of sensibility, competence, risk-taking and a human touch. I feel fortunate that I’ve had the chance to work with such great leaders. Just last week, somebody from my team said, “It might be too soon to say this, but I feel that I’m working with the best boss I’ve ever had.” For me, it just reinforced what I  thought on my interview day: “I’m in the right place!” At ezeep, waking up in the morning to go to work is something I look forward to.