ezeep Blue – The Future of Printing

ezeep Blue combines the simplicity of ezeep with the stability, scalability and high printing speed of ThinPrint’s remote desktop solution. For this, ezeep Blue is built on a completely new architecture based on Microsoft Azure and is available immediately.

What makes ezeep Blue unique:

  • Cloud rendering: only ezeep Blue moves the entire printing process to the cloud
  • No printer drivers or print servers are required on site
  • Connectors for Mac and PC connect home office printers
  • Cost-effective, maintenance-free hardware in the form of the sleek ezeep Hub enables printing in branch offices or coworking spaces
  • Multi-session-aware, dynamic printer assignments make ezeep Blue the ideal solution for Microsoft’s Windows Virtual Desktop
  • Print job streaming ensures the absolute fastest print time
  • Sign-in is possible via email, Microsoft, Google, or Apple

A detailed feature list can be found in this comparison: ezeep or ezeep Blue →

Powered by ThinPrint

Powered by ThinPrint

ThinPrint, with 20 years of continuous development and internationally patented technology, is the leading provider of print management software and services for businesses. Its product lines ThinPrint and ezeep deliver unbeatable print performance to over 30,000 companies in any modern workplace scenario.