We value flow and let you work how you want

Our inside jokes are weird like that

We’re basically a little nerdy all the time

We don’t take ourselves too seriously

We’re in the most awesome area in Berlin

We love freshly brewed stuff and mustaches

Our vision

We’re making printing sexy and are building a company that once and for all turns printing into a beautiful experience that works when you need it to and gets out of the way when you don’t.

It’s our ambition to make ezeep available to everyone, everywhere - we want to be connected to every printer and on every device. Join us in improving something that touches nearly all of us and millions of businesses every day.

You’ll love it here.

We believe friction and diversity create the best outcomes. That’s how we work together and that’s how we hire.

We let you build

That’s why we offer you a vision, the opportunity to shape it and a meaningful part in helping us achieve it. That’s empowerment and purpose instead of merely a job. Whatever it is that you do at ezeep - autonomy rules and we value proactive execution over presentations.

We help you grow

It’s really important for us that during your time at ezeep you can grow personally and professionally together with everyone here. We hope to help you grow by making sure that your peers are stimulating and smarter than you are.

We offer time for play

We really don’t buy into the “busy trap”. Being busy is the hip thing to do but we believe productivity is most important so we regularly take time for play. Building a company is very hard work and sometimes there’s more urgency than usual making play time even more important.

And more.

Free drinks like coffee and Club Mate at the office.

Regular team days, surprise trips and treats - all expenses paid of course.

Work with awesome people

  • Team Lead Platform
  • Jose A. Martin-Bejarano Sanchez develops with python and linux since 2000. He's also building crazy structures with Lego since 1981.
  • Team Manager
  • Lea Böhm takes care of the team and the office and is best at multitasking. She loves going out with friends or her dog.
  • Software Engineer
  • Edgars Batnya works on the ezeep Windows client. He holds a bunch of polar bears that test it and help hacking naughty printers.
  • Software Engineer
  • Max Stockner has the ability to turn Club-Mate into lines of code while listening to crazy music. Besides battling with the frontend he loves to explore the world with his countless bikes.
  • Designer
  • Matthias Kretschmann is massaging and coding pixels into beautiful stuff. He considers a prototype without kittens as highly flawed.
  • Software Engineer
  • Sylvain Bellemare takes care of the search backend. Apart from the discrete mathematical nature of code, he likes all kinds of things, such as quantum teleportation, music, and skateboarding.
  • Software Engineer
  • Nicolas Delaby is taking care of communication between servers and printers and everything that involves python programming language. He likes biking on ice in winter, eating hot dishes, and overall listening to that kind of music that gives goose-flesh.
  • Sales Executive
  • Lindsey Rima brings ezeep's service to the US. She is an enthusiastic purveyor of elegant solutions and incredible customer service. When she's not at work you can find her swimming in Barton Springs, practicing yoga, or eating breakfast tacos like a good native Austinite. Lindsey is passionate about building community and considers it her personal mission to spread joy.
  • Customer Success Manager
  • Joana Simões is the Customer Success manager at ezeep and she loves the mix between tech creative problem solving and relationship building. On her free time you can find her hanging out with friends, going to concerts and bragging about Portugal.
  • Sales Executive
  • Meritxell Sala brings the ezeep service to like-minded organizations around the world. She believes transparency, honesty and going the extra mile are the core of an exceptional customer experience. She loves connecting with people who change minds and hearts.
  • Sales Executive
  • Leon Schabel has a natural talent in merchandising our service around the globe and engaging with our customers. When he's not out selling sand in the Sahara, he enjoys making music or playing basketball.
  • Prospecting & Marketing
  • Michal Stypula is our young treasure at ezeep, with an exceptional tendency & love for organizing and systemizing to get things done. After work you can always catch him at Maybachufer.
  • Sales Executive
  • Rita Godovac is excited about connecting people with amazing solutions and opportunities. She is in love with anything-to-do-with-software. When she is not serving the community, you can find her mostly in the kitchen baking cakes and constantly talking about food.
  • Assistant
  • Sam is the awesomest dog. He is best at keeping his surroundings at a relaxed pace and making people take their time. He loves hunting and seeing his buddies.

Backed by the best

Mangrove Capital Partners previously backed Skype

HTGF previously backed 6wunderkinder

Bootstrapping previously backed Podio

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