Unplug your Print Servers:
Server Free Printing
for PCs and Macs

Discover the advantages of direct IP printing combined with the simplicity of an easy-to-use cloud portal. With ezeep Dash, your entire print management is taken care of in the cloud while printing remains a local process.

Get Ready for Direct IP Printing

If you’re betting on local printing without print servers, it will usually cost you a lot of administrative effort and expense. Not so with ezeep Dash. With ezeep Dash, your users print locally, both quickly and easily, while the print environment is managed effortlessly via a cloud portal. Create users, define printers and assign them to individual users or user groups. Done!

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Eliminate Print Servers

ezeep Dash frees you from the burden of traditional print management. The solution replaces the complexity of print servers with the simplicity of a cloud portal. With just a few clicks, you can manage printers, printer drivers, users or IP ranges conveniently in the cloud. No manual adjustments to users’ PCs and Macs are even necessary.

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Trouble with Printer Drivers? Not with ezeep Dash!

Managing printer drivers is often very stressful. Not with ezeep Dash. Instead of laboriously compiling printer drivers and distributing them among your workstations, conveniently choose them from the web console. ezeep Dash has a selection of hundreds of printer drivers in its cloud driver store.

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Reduce Printing Costs

Getting rid of print servers will save you costs for hardware, software and IT administration. The optional, user-friendly self-service portal makes printing-related help desk calls a thing of the past. In addition, all manual tasks usually associated with direct IP printing are eliminated – including installing and updating printer drivers or adjusting IP addresses.

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Make Printing Fun & Easy

With its optional User Self Service, ezeep Dash gives the user everything needed for effortless self-managed printing. With User Self Service, users conveniently change printer settings, define their standard printers, or search for available printers. In case of printing problems, the Repair feature can be easily used to remap printers.

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100% Cloud Native. 100% Scalable.

ezeep solutions were designed from scratch as a cloud platform. ThinPrint, a company with decades of expertise in print management and with projects of up to 250,000 users, provided significant knowhow and backing to the solutions.

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