How-To: Change user account credentials for the ezeep App

Normally, users enter their Azure AD credentials only once in the ezeep Print App. If they need to change the credentials, they can do so by following these steps.

  1. Login to the machine running the ezeep Print App as the user who wants to change Azure AD credentials.
  2. Open a command prompt by going to the Windows search bar and typing “cmd”
  3. Change into the folder of the ezeep Print App. The standard folder is is: c:\program files\ezeep Print App\. The command therefore is: cd “c:\program files\ezeep Print App”
  4. Run -o to remove the user credentials that currently stored for this user
  5. Run to be prompted via the default web browser to enter new Azure AD credentials.
  6. Close the web browser when you see the message “Login Successful. You can close this window / tab now.”

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Powered by ThinPrint

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