Troubleshoot – Enabling Debug Logging

Debug logging requires valuable resources on your computers and servers. Having it run all the time would be wasteful. That’s why debug logging for ezeep Print App and ezeep Connector are designed to be enabled when needed and disabled afterwards.

Enabling debug logging to identify printer creation issues in the ezeep Print App is done by creating two registry values.

  1. On the machine running the ezeep Print App, open the Windows registry by typing regedit.exe in the Windows search bar.
  2. Navigate to HKLM\SOFTWARE\THINPRINT\TPAutoConnect
  3. Create the following Registry Values and Data

Name: DebugLevel Type: DWORD (32-Bit) Data:3F (hex)

Name: DebugFile         Type: STRING Data: file path to log file e.g. c:\logs\printercreate.log

Make sure that the folder you used in the file path exists and can be written to by users as well as the operating system.

  1. Restart the service TP AutoConnect Service

Logging for the ezeep Connector is enabled the same way, however, create in the key: HKLM\SOFTWARE\THINPRINT\CLIENT the values:

Name: DebugLevel Type: DWORD (32-Bit) Data:DF (hex)

Name: DebugFile         Type: STRING DATA: file path to log file e.g. c:\logs\printercreate.log

After recreating the issue and making sure the debug log file is created, stop debug logging by changing the data for DebugLevel to 0.

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Powered by ThinPrint

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