How-To: Install the ezeep Connector on a user’s Mac

The ezeep Connector is required to allow users to print to their own, locally configured printers while working on a remote machine that is running the ezeep Print App. To install it, follow the steps below or watch this short video.

  1. Download the installer package for the ezeep Connector from here
  2. Copy it to the Mac on which you want to install it and run it.
  3. Follow the prompts until you are being offered to “Save Print File Installer…”
  4. Click on “Save Print File Installer…” and choose a folder to save the file into. From the Finder, go to that folder and run “Print File Installer.pkg”.
  5. After the installation has been completed, click on the ezeep Connector icon in your menu bar at the top of your screen and select “Log in…”
  6. Your default browser will open and ask you to provide your user credentials for ezeep.

After the installation, the ezeep Connector is configured to start automatically when a user logs in.

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Powered by ThinPrint

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