Overview – The ezeep platform

ezeep for Azure is designed to make printing from Azure-hosted Virtual Desktops simple.

It consists of three pieces:

  • The ezeep Print App on your Windows Virtual Desktop instances
  • Your ezeep Cloud organization
  • The ezeep Connector, which will be installed on your users’ PCs or Macs for local printer support or on your print servers to connect your network printers to your ezeep Cloud organization

Overview ezeep for WVD

For security and simplicity, ezeep for Azure does not come with its own user management. Instead, it relies directly on the user groups in your Azure Active Directory to determine to which printer(s) a user has access. If a user is a member of a group you assigned to a printer, that user can print to that printer.

To the user, ezeep printing looks and feels the same as traditional printing. All printers to which a user has access are created automatically by the ezeep Print App on the Windows Virtual Desktop. The user simply selects one of these printers from any application and ezeep ensures delivery – fast, secure and to the right printer.

Setting all of this up is surprisingly simple. The first step, creating an ezeep organization, is already done. Now all that is left to do is:

  1. Download the ezeep Print App and install it on your Windows Virtual Desktop instances
  2. Download the ezeep Connector and install it on the PCs or Macs from which your users will start a Windows Virtual Desktop session
  3. Download the ezeep Connector for Print Server and install it on your print servers

Should you run into problems or have a suggestion, please let us know at helpdesk@ezeep.com.


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Powered by ThinPrint

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