Tutorial 1: Signing up to ezeep for Azure

Signing up to ezeep for Azure is done through the Microsoft Azure Marketplace. The following steps describe that process.

To complete this tutorial you need:

    • A modern web browser and internet access
    • An Azure AD account with permissions to:
      • add an application to your Azure organization
      • grant permissions to ezeep to read some profile information and
      • grant permissions to have users authenticate via your Azure AD

This account is usually an administrator in your Azure AD.


The Azure AD account you are using for the signup will become your ezeep organization admin. You will need the credentials for this account whenever you want to log in to the ezeep admin portal at https://app.ezeep.com to make changes to your ezeep configuration.

When using several Microsoft credentials on the same computer, you might encounter problems with web authentication. In such cases, switch to Incognito or Private mode and continue.

For this tutorial we will perform the sign-up from within the Azure portal.

Let’s Get Started

  1. Go to the Azure Marketplace and search for “ezeep”.
  2. Open the “ezeep for Azure” offer, select your plan and click on Create. The plan “Pay as you go / Free for 30 days” provides you with 30 days of service without limitations or charges.
  3. Fill out the form by entering a name, selecting your Azure subscription and providing your contact information.
  4. Click on Subscribe. Your notifications will show you that the deployment is in progress.
  5. When the deployment is done, go to “Software as a Service (SaaS)” in your Azure portal and open the subscription that was just deployed.
  6. Click on Configure Account. You will be redirected to ezeep’s sign up form.
  7. Log In with your organization’s Azure admin account when prompted. The account used in this step will become your ezeep administrator.
  8. You will be directed to the ezeep “Create Your Account” page. Fill out the required fields and click on Create Account.Fill in your data
  9. During the creation of your ezeep account, you will be asked again to provide your admin credentials for your Azure organization and to allow your new ezeep account to access certain information from your Azure Directory.
  10. When the account is created, you will automatically be logged in to your ezeep admin portal. Follow the tabs on the Quick Start page to configure your account and deploy the ezeep Print App and ezeep Connectors.Administration Console

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