User Guide – Signing In

One of the great benefits of ezeep for Azure is that users don’t have to get involved in configuring and setting up access to printers. After signing in with their Azure AD credentials, ezeep does everything for them. Here are the steps you will be asked to perform once too after the ezeep Print App is installed.

  1. When logging in to a Windows machine for the first time after the ezeep Print App has been installed, the default web browser will open the Microsoft login page. Enter your user credentials.
  2. After your credentials are verified, a simple message will state “Login Successful. You can close this window/tab now.”.
  3. Close the web browser

The ezeep Print App can now identify you. In the background, it will reach out to your organization’s ezeep Cloud account and create the network printers that you are allowed to use. Should you have the ezeep Connector installed on another device, the ezeep Print App will also create copies of the printers on that device.

Within a couple of seconds, all your printers will be available in your applications.

Powered by ThinPrint

Powered by ThinPrint

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