Discover ezeep Blue – Now Free for Private Use

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ezeep Blue is our new platform that combines the best of our technologies and will continue to expand in the future. At the moment, we’re helping companies worldwide migrate to the cloud and replace Google Cloud Print.

In the future, we’ll also offer ezeep Blue for private users and integrate the popular Wi-Fi printing into the ezeep Blue app. And of course, ezeep Blue will be permanently free for private users.

Until then, we’re inviting you to start using ezeep Blue and contribute to the platform with your feedback.

Use ezeep Blue free of charge for private purposes

Please bear in mind that ezeep Blue is currently aimed at organizations and therefore requires a little more effort when setting it up. Just create an organization during the setup process, we suggest naming it Private.

As long as you use ezeep Blue for private purposes, it is free of charge. Just make sure to use the respective bonus code at the check-out:

USD: ezeep4ONEusd

EUR: ezeep4ONEeur