Now Available: Serverless Printing with ezeep Dash

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From now, companies can completely or partially eliminate their print servers and manage their printer drivers completely in one easy-to-use portal.

ezeep Dash shifts the entire print management to the cloud. A comprehensive pool of up-to-date printer drivers provided by ezeep makes it easy to set up the service, which is highly-intuitive to use. An important feature is that the actual printing process takes place locally and no internet connection is required.

After the ezeep software has been automatically rolled out to the local computers, employees can immediately use the printers assigned to them. If allowed by the administrator, users can even set up additional printers for their individual needs or modify printer properties in a self-service portal.

ezeep Dash supports Microsoft Windows Version 7 and later as well as MacOS Version 10.10 or and later (Yosemite).

Learn more about ezeep Dash or setup a free 30-day demo account for 10 users.