ezeep or ezeep Blue – Which Suits My Use Case More?

ezeep or ezeep Blue – Find more in the websession

Our two products, ezeep and ezeep Blue, cover all kinds of use cases in the modern workplace. While our aim is to merge ezeep and ezeep Blue into one unified solution in the future, these two products currently provide different features which enable us to address the often unique demands which each customer has.

Take printing in coworking spaces for example, which is effortlessly managed by our classic ezeep solution. Flexible working spaces demand an equally flexible printing architecture – often much more so than your typical office worker. Special features, like invoicing are also regularly needed.

In other use cases, the time spent managing printing is the deciding pain point. Even in especially large companies with hundreds and thousands of users, a cloud-based printing solution can drastically reduce the work load. In other cases, just providing a printer to users is the challenge (think remote desktop printing). Here, the cloud helps as well.

In order to be able to address these types of scenarios too, we had to radically rethink and design a separate product, ezeep Blue, from scratch. With ezeep Blue, delivering fast, reliable and secure printing in two use cases – and much more – become possible.

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To help you get your bearings, we take a look at the current differences between ezeep and ezeep Blue in this short web session. Join Jean-François Masson, Sales Manager France, Belgium, Luxemburg, to find out more.