Cloud Native

ezeep solutions are based on the newest cloud technology standards and were designed for the cloud from the start. This not only ensures maximum scalability but also the highest availability and performance. This makes ezeep significantly different from solutions that are just a single server in the cloud.

ezeep is a cloud-native solution and highly scalable.

ezeep solutions are instantly ready to use and don’t require any minimum number of users. The solutions have not only been optimized for simplest setup and intuitive use, but also developed for very large environments.

ezeep and ezeep Dash are products of ThinPrint Cloud Services Inc., a subsidiary of ThinPrint. With its proven print management solutions, ThinPrint has global project know-how and testimonials with up to 250,000 workstations. Here, zero outage is always an essential component.

This know-how and experience went into the development of ezeep solutions. The ThinPrint support structure is available to you when implementing global projects.