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We redesigned the printers page for administrators to help managing your printers more quickly. And we always try to help you understand and troubleshoot this big box of unknown called a printer to get you better and more fun cloud print management. So starting today, we’ll show you key messages about your printer status. Read on to learn what has changed.

Printers page

While moving to different market segments we realized our former approach of optimizing this page for just a few printers doesn’t work out any more.

As a first step we created a new layout and filter mechanisms for your printers. As an admin you now see a lot more printers at once on this page and you can filter them by searching for the name or location of a printer.


And we show you a very subtle icon indicating to what operating system a printer is connected. Hovering over those icons reveals the ezeep version number and exact operating system version.

printers - os tooltip

Printer state messages

But the big new feature are printer state messages. For example, if a printer tells us that its toner is empty we show that to administrators and end users.¬†As an administrators you’ll see this as a message below the respective printer on the new printers page.

printer message

As an end user you’ll see this when printing from the web and selecting a printer in our recently revamped print page.

print message

At the moment, we’ll display a message when a printer communicates those states, we’ll expand on these in the next months:

  • out of paper
  • paper jam
  • out of ink
  • low on ink
  • paused
  • open cartridge door
  • full output tray
  • full memory

Head over to your new Printers page or experience the interface by using our free demo:

Within the chain of communication between printer, print server and ezeep those printer messages depend on the communication between printer and print server. And printer hardware vendors just love being non-standard to lock you into their own half-baked hardware and software eco system. If your printer doesn’t communicate its state in a standard way to your print server we sadly can’t show any messages to you. We just pass those messages through and translate it into something you can actually understand.

And there’re some circumstances where the printer doesn’t communicate with the print server in a timely manner. Only sending a document to a printer reliably triggers an update to those messages. So, in some cases you’ll see a warning message although you’ve solved the problem on the printer already. This is a restriction we can’t work around. Yet.

Tell us about your printers

We’re totally into talking about printers and we would love to hear from you about the reliability of those printer state messages. Does it work with your printers? Are the messages correct? Just write a short note to or hit us up @ezeep on Twitter.

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