Easy Printing for Guests & BYOD

Discover the challenges of guest printing as well as the benefits of ThinPrint Cloud Services

The challenges of guest printing:

  • Provide printers to users you don’t manage
  • Provide printers to mobile devices you don’t know
  • Stay in full control of who prints what, where and how much
  • Let users pay for printing with easy billing
  • All this with minimum admin workload and it’s easy for the user

The Solution: ThinPrint Cloud Services

Guest printing with ThinPrint Cloud Services is extremely easy to introduce and to maintain.

You decide with a few clicks…

  • … which printers, paper formats, functions are available to users
  • … how many b/w and color pages users can print for free
  • … how much is billed to the users for additional b/w or color pages

The user can easily…

  • … print instantly without having to install anything
  • … use any computing device (laptop, Mac, tablet…)
  • … purchase credits online
  • … initiate print jobs anywhere at any time
  • … release the print job when at the printer

You get…

  • … complete overview of users, printers and print outs
  • … full cost control
  • … easy billing – only users that actually printed per month are taken into account

More information

Easy Printing for Guests & BYOD

Download the following PDF to learn more about the challenges and benefits. You can also check if ThinPrint is the right guest printing solution for you.

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ThinPrint Cloud Services – It’s that easy

This step-by-step guide will show how easy guest printing with ThinPrint Cloud Services is.

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