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FAQ – ezeep Dash

What is the difference between ezeep Dash and ezeep?

ezeep Dash manages local printer queues on Windows and MacOS devices. It takes care of installing printer drivers, printer ports and default settings for printer queues. Printing itself is done directly from the device to the printer. Download Product Flyer »

ezeep on the other hand uses the power of the cloud to manage printer queues but also to route print jobs, enforce customizable restrictions like quotas and track print information for billing purposes. ezeep can be used from any device. Printing is never direct so devices and printers don’t have to be in the same network or location. Download ezeep Services Comparison Sheet »


How can I try out ezeep Dash?

ezeep Dash comes with a free 30-day, 10-user trial. If you need to extend your trial or add more users to it, a no-commitment, monthly subscription is available to accommodate you. Have a look at this guide to get started: ezeep Dash – Quick Guide


How can I subscribe to ezeep Dash?

Subscribing is simple. All you need is an ezeep Dash account and a credit card. The subscribe button will be available in the admin account’s profile area.

Can I use ezeep Dash together with ezeep?

Yes, you can manage ezeep Dash and ezeep from within the same account.

How is ezeep Dash licensed?

ezeep Dash is licensed by the number of users you want to manage with your organization’s ezeep Dash account. There are no additional charges for the number of printers, PCs or Macs or print jobs.

How much does ezeep Dash cost?

$/€ 1.97 per user per month with monthly agreement

$/€ 1.50 per user per month with annual agreement and prepayment (equals $/€ 18 per year)


Can I use my Single-Sign-On solution to manage my ezeep Dash users?

That is not necessary. ezeep Dash uses an innovative system to identify users without them having to create accounts or log in to your organization’s ezeep Dash account.

Are my print jobs stored in the cloud?

No, with ezeep Dash your print jobs as well as information about your print jobs never leave your network. ezeep Dash only stores the configuration information you provide through its web portal in secured data centers. For additional information, have a look at our privacy policy.

Does a user have to belong to a group?

No, while it’s the preferred way of organizing ezeep Dash users and assigning printers to them, belonging to a group is not necessary.

Does an ezeep Dash organization have to use groups?

No, groups are not mandatory in ezeep Dash but a helpful tool for organizing users.

How can I see the invitation email my users receive?

You can see the email by sending an invitation to your own email address.

Can I change the invitation email to my users?

Customizing the invitation email is something we will be adding to the service in the future. Until then, you can download the ezeep Dash User Assistant and deploy it to the computers of your users if you prefer not to send the default email.

How do I know my unique ID for ezeep Dash after downloading and installing the ezeep Dash User Assistant?

One of the great things about ezeep Dash is that users don’t need an account name or ID to use it. If you are an administrator and want to know how to deploy the ezeep Dash User Assistant together with the necessary user specific information, send us an email to

If I’m logged on to my PC with a different account – not the one that was used to install the ezeep Dash User Assistant – can I still see my ezeep Dash printers?

Using the ezeep Dash User Assistant requires two components. The first one is the software. It can be downloaded and installed by a user with administrator privileges or deployed by an administrator. After it is installed, the software is available to everyone using the computer. The second part is a user-specific token. This token has to be installed by each user individually or deployed by an administrator to all computers running the ezeep Dash User Assistant. Users who need to install their own token just have to run their personalized ezeep Dash User Assistant installation package. They do not need admin privileges to do so.