Our Ho-ho-ho-holiday Printer is online

The holiday printer will be back in December.
If you are interested in offering printing to guests, simply sign up here or contact us with your questions.

How much time would you like to spend with letting members and guests use your printer? How about zero, zilch, nada … The magic word is “Self-Sign-Up”.

Because we’re big fans of the Holidays, we decided to showcase this awesome time-saver by configuring our holiday printer in Denver as a (s)Elf-sign-up printer this year.

All you have to do to print us something is to follow this link and enter your e-mail address. You’ll then receive an e-mail asking you to set your password. Then you find yourself in your personal ezeep portal. Choose “Print Now” from the column on the left and upload a document for printing. Just a few seconds later, you’ll see your document coming out of our printer in the live video stream below (the picture is about 6 seconds delayed).

Our holiday printer account is configured to allow anyone to print 10 pages in black & white without charges. Should you already have an account with ezeep, use a different email address.

Powered by ThinPrint

Powered by ThinPrint

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