How Coworking Spaces Generate Revenue with Printing

On Coworking enthusiast Kait Hobson took a closer look at the various models used by coworking spaces to offer printing. What many might not realize, is that there are more revenue generating models than initially meet the eye.
Printing remains an essential feature for users when they choose a coworking space. No matter how infrequently, users know that sooner or later they will need to print. Coworking space operators are faced with the question of how they can offer printing that is easy to manage, but that also meets their own demands and the requirements of their customers.
The first question to ask is whether printing should be free or charged for. If it’s free, should costs be simply spread among all members? That might be unfair if heavy users increase costs for the remaining “print-once-a-month” customers. Even if it’s only a few dollars a month, it could be seen as treating some customers unfairly – and that’s not helpful for any space operator in such a competitive field. Another option would be to offer printing packages depending on membership levels. Or, a free base package of say, 20 pages per month, and then paying for printing above this level.
Kait’s article over on shows you a wide range of models, with something there for every space operator – no matter how big or small or even what philosophy you follow.