How to Improve Productivity in the Time of COVID-19

During these unprecedented times, companies have had to scramble to alleviate the workplace disruption that the Covid-19 pandemic has caused. As a result, hybrid work environments and work from home (WFH) models have had to be put in place quickly.

Companies that had previously scoffed at the idea of letting any corporate information leave the building figuratively have realized that they had to move to a more modern way of thinking about and implementing security or their businesses would cease to exist.

They had to provide their employees with devices to access their corporate applications and data from remote locations or had to allow the family computers access, in a way that did not compromise their security policies.

Mastering the Challenges of the Flexible Printing with ezeep and ThinPrint

In order to keep employees just as productive as in the office, IT leaders have implemented and/or expanded their use of virtual applications and desktops, have accelerated their move to SaaS and mobile applications.

The learning curve around these changes increased, at least in the short term, the administrative burden, the support calls and until the users learned the new technologies, lowered their productivity.

One big question that arose and had to be addressed was “how do I print?” Many companies have decided not allow any users to print at all. While this is not an issue for a good number of employees, many others require the ability to print to complete their job functions. Thanks to the printing technologies offered from ezeep and ThinPrint, all of the printing challenges and concerns that have newly arisen can be easily addressed and managed and users can print from anywhere, from any device.

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Join Colleen Herbert, National Account Manager for ezeep and ThinPrint in this on-demand websession to learn how the “problem” of printing can be quickly and securely addressed so users can print when/how they need and administrators can address these needs swiftly and in a secure manner.

  • ezeep Blue: Cloud printing – anytime, anywhere
  • ThinPrint: Streamlined printing, hosted on-prem
  • Security: Don’t allow printing to compromise your secure environment
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About the Presenter: Colleen Herbert is National Account Manager at ezeep and is based in the USA.

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