Introducing a New Print Page

We’re thrilled to announce the release of our brand new Print page which allows you to easily print from the web. We reached out to those of you who are hardcore users of printing from our web app and based on those learnings we were able to identify and solve some problems with how our old Print page worked.

Despite being able to print from desktop or mobile, around 60% of all processed print jobs are being initiated through this page so we hope to make life just a little easier for all those users.

But without further ado, here’s what’s new on this page.

Combined printers & print settings list

printer list
We wanted to make it easier for you to get to your printers so all the printers you have access to are shown immediately after uploading documents in the new sidebar. This also lets you very quickly distinguish between online and offline printers, the latter being slightly dimmed with a grey square beside them.

printer settings
This new sidebar also houses the print settings to make them more obvious. After you select a printer by clicking on it you’ll see all settings available to you for that printer. If we detect you could print cheaper or unlock more settings with an access code or your IPP credentials we notify you in this place too.

To not overwhelm you with all the available settings we divided all print settings into a basic and an advanced section. The basic section includes the most altered settings (page range and copies) while the initially hidden advanced section holds all the remaining settings.

Last used printer

A good chunk of you are printing to one printer only and we wanted to make the print flow as fast as possible for this use case. That’s why we now save your last used printer and select it automatically. You just drop documents and hit the Print button.


The new preview has been built with speed in mind. Instead of loading multiple pages at once, arranging them under each other etc. we only show one page at a time and you can flick through the pages by clicking left or right of the document. This, combined with optimisations in the background, make for way faster previews than before.

Another small detail is the vertical scaling of the preview which makes you always see the full page. This happens automatically depending on your browser’s window height.


The history got a new place and a new pattern. You can invoke the history from the button in the top right corner and it has been reorganised into a popover. You should only need this history when an error occurred or you’ve set a print job to “Print later”. If one of those cases happen, we’ll display a badge on the history button notifying you of anything you can act upon.

Powered by unicorns

This new Print page has been written from scratch which also makes every interaction and UI updates on there way faster than before. We don’t want to bore you with the technical details (WebSocket all the things! SVG all the things!) but everything is running pretty smooth in the background. So, essentially, the new Print page works like this in the background:


Head over to your new Print page or experience the interface by using our free demo:

As usual, if you found something weird on the new Print page just let us know by dropping us a short note to or hitting us up on Twitter.

Powered by ThinPrint

Powered by ThinPrint

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