Love Your Printers

ezeep is being used at more and more bigger companies and organisations – like universities – who are managing and using a lot of printers. Within those environments a printer list on the Print Now page or on desktop became quite messy for end users and involved a lot of scrolling and scanning for the right printer.

So today, we’re rolling out some new features targeted towards end users dealing with many printers: favoriting and filtering your printers.

Love your printers

As an end user you can now define your favorite printers. As soon as you start doing that, we’ll restrict all your printer lists on the web, desktop and mobile to only show your favorited ones.

Just head over to your Printers page and you’ll see a heart on each printer appearing when you mouseover each printer. Clicking this heart marks a printer as a favorite printer. love-printers Likewise, clicking it again unfavorites a printer. We don’t think “unfavorite” is a real word but hey, you know what we mean.

When you have unfavorited the last printer your printer lists on the web, desktop and mobile will be unrestricted again and will show all available printers. Essentially, we’re toggling a new option we put into your profile settings so if you marked like 100 printers as a favorite and want to get the unrestricted printer lists back, you can just unset that option manually without unfavoriting those 100 printers first.

Filter your printers

To better help you find the printers you want to favorite we introduced a new, so called faceted navigation to the Printers page for end users. We don’t want to bore you with the fine differences between “filters” and “faceted navigation” as discussed in design circles so we just refer to this feature as filtering your printers.

In the sidebar you’ll now find multiple filters helping you narrow down the list of printers based on printer location, capabilities and paper sizes. They all can be combined together so showing e.g. all printers within the Jedi Temple which allow printing in color and A3 is a breeze now: filter-printers As usual, if you found something weird about those new features just let us know by dropping us a short note to [email protected] or hitting us up @ezeep on Twitter.