ezeep’s mobile printing solution is perfect for enabling mobile printing in your organization while staying in full control of what users are allowed to use mobile printing and how. Even large scale deployments and integrations can be turned around fast. User adoption and satisfaction is high due to our outstanding design and user experience. Staff and guests can print from iPhone, iPad, Android and Android tablets. Their access to printers and what they are allowed to print can be managed centrally.

Key Features

  • Print any Microsoft Office documents, PDFs and images from your smartphone or tablet using ezeep’s applications for iPhone, iPad, Android and Android tablets
  • Advanced printing capabilities inside the apps like copies, duplex, page range and “Print Later” to ensure document confidentiality
  • Print on any printer regardless of type, model or manufacturer as long as it is connected to ezeep
  • Control printer access and usage from mobile devices for groups, departments, branches and individuals with flexible and easily implemented rules
  • Comprehensive reports illustrate mobile printing usage by group, user, device and printjob type
  • Connect with your domain service like AD/LDAP to save time
  • Users can view detailed information on the printer and job status



  • ezeep was designed to reduce the “time to print” to a minimum while offering options similar to desktop printing
  • Users can print independently without the need for IT support saving time and money
  • Administrators stay in full control of all print rules and printer access across different locations



  • ezeep mobile printing is available as a public cloud service or a hybrid cloud service, for absolute data protection
  • Printers from several branches can be connected and managed with one central account
  • You can set up admin roles for branch managers to delegate management of rules
  • ezeep can be integrated with your existing “Pull Printing” infrastructure and other software solutions