ezeep’s Mobile Printing Solution enables printing from every device

Berlin, January 21, 2013. 2013 and also the CeBIT (March 5 – 9) are characterized by shareconomy, cloud computing and mobile apps. That primarily implies shared and interconnected actions in the economy. Within this framework, the berlin-based start-up ezeep presented its mobile printing solution at the CeBIT-Preview Event in Munich. ezeep enables users to print everywhere without time-consuming driver installation from the cloud. With this completely new approach to printing, ezeep – specialized in mobile services and cloud-computing – enables printing along the way and the usage of printers in immediate reach. ‘Due to dynamic changes in the working environment and usage of mobile devices, cloud applications such as our mobile printing solution will become prevalent. Users have gained confidence into these apps and hence new forms of collaboration are evolving.’ Sascha Kellert, CEO at ezeep, explains.

Besides collaboration and networking there is a second aspect to shareconomy: Using instead of owning as a direct impact of cloud computing. Especially within the digital economy this is a trend which has been developing for quite some time. For many companies this can lead to interesting models for financing and more flexible cost-benefit-models. The trend to mobile and easy printing is one of the biggest changes in the printing behavior of users. The number of employees who do not have a fixed desk or bring their own device to work has been growing rapidly. Therefore companies need a secure and easy solution for mobile printing, to enable their mobile workforce on the go without time-consuming driver setup. ezeep enables users to print fast and easy in the office or on the go at any time from smartphone, tablet, computer or the web. ‘No matter which printer model you want to use, existing printers are automatically connected to ezeep and can be shared to clients and colleagues with just one click. That makes mobile printing easier, more popular and more cost-efficient for people responsible for IT.’ says Sascha Kellert. Even the recently published BITKOM industry survey confirms that the most important technology and market trends from the perspective of ICT industry for 2013 continue to cloud computing (59 percent, No. 1), Mobile Applications (48 percent, No. 2) and “Bring Your Own Device” (27 percent, place 5).

At CeBIT PREVIEW Hamburg (Elysée Hotel, 23 and 24 January) outstanding success models of the Shareconomy will be presented. Technology drivers will be explaining the tools necessary for acting according to the new trend. Journalists and bloggers can use ezeep’s printing service at the registration counter or at the stand. Sascha Kellert will be available for the product demo during the two days of the trend preview to answer questions about the company’s vision, market potential and the big product launch for CeBIT.

About ezeep

ezeep is a young, Berlin-based software company with a big vision: printing should just work and be easy! ezeep – easy printing. In the future printing should be easy, fast and cheaper for anyone and every company. ezeep’s innovative cloud software allows anyone to print in their office or on-the-go, anytime, fast and easily, from their smartphone, tablet, computer or directly from the web. Existing printers are automatically connected to ezeep and can be shared with employees, customers or guests with a few clicks. Since founding ezeep in July 2011, the team made up of the three founders Sascha Kellert (CEO), Frederic Haitz (COO) and Marian Zange (CTO), has been working on realizing that vision, amongst others being supported by ezeep board member Michael Jackson, the former COO of Skype. Their disruptive vision and business model for changing the printing industry and impressive technology has helped the team win over strong partners in quick succession: Mangrove Capital Partners, High-Tech Gruenderfonds (HTGF) Europe’s largest seed investor and the Danish Serial Entrepreneur Thomas Madsen-Mygdal. Mangrove has previously invested in over 50 companies, amongst other Brands4friends, and was one of the first investors in Skype.

ezeep is exhibitor and official sponsor in the Press Center at CeBIT 2013 in Hannover.


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