Rules of Conduct regarding User- and Customer Information

Assuring the privacy of our users and the confidentiality and integrity of their information is of elemental importance to us at ThinPrint Cloud Services. Therefore, we agree on restricting our actions where technical restrictions are not yet implemented or not feasible as follows:

  1. We will not access the content of documents and print jobs without the explicit consent of the user who submitted them into the ThinPrint Cloud.
  2. We will not assemble information about a specific user’s interaction with the ThinPrint Cloud unless required for troubleshooting or performance analytics to improve the platform.
  3. We will only access personally identifiable information when it is necessary to do our job and no alternative is practically available.
  4. We will not share information about our users with anyone who did not agree to this policy.

Furthermore, we agree to taking an active role in designing and improving our procedures and technologies to keep the trust of our users with the following actions:

  1. We will consider the impact to the privacy of our users and the confidentiality of their information equally to the intended outcome when modifying existing or introducing new procedures and technologies.
  2. We will constantly look for gaps in our procedures and technologies that might expose our users or their information to vulnerabilities.
  3. We will review our security measures and procedures on a reoccurring and frequent basis.
  4. We will implement technical and procedural mechanisms to detect misuse of access to our users’ information.
  5. We will speak up when we notice illegal, unauthorized, inappropriate or negligent activities which may risk the security of our customers’ information.

Your ThinPrint Cloud Team

January 11, 2017