Reseller Program

Welcome on our Reseller sign-up page. The fact that you found it means you are interested in joining us sharing the benefits of ezeep with your customers.

As a Reseller you’ll receive two accounts on our ezeep Platform. One account is to manage your customers – the Management Account –, and the other one is to experience ezeep yourself and to show it to your customers – the Demo Account.

With the Management Account you can create accounts for your customers. Each customer account is free for 30 days. If your customer wants to keep using their account after that trial period, ThinPrint Cloud Services, Inc. will invoice you on a monthly basis for the users who actually printed. Your invoice will provide you with a nice margin by including the following Reseller advantages.

As a Reseller you’ll benefit from three clear ways to increase your profits:

  • We don’t charge you the user slot fee of $0.50 per slot.
  • We apply the list price based on all active users in all of your accounts. That means the more active users your customers have in total, the more you save by moving to a higher discount level.
  • To get you started as a Reseller you will receive a 30% Reseller Discount until June 30th, 2018. After that date the discount will be 20%.

These three Reseller perks quickly add up to significant earnings for your business when compared with customer list pricing.

Ready to sign up? All we need to get started are your company’s details

And the details of the person who’ll be managing the reseller program

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