Say Hello to ezeep Blue: A New Era of Print Security for Coworking Spaces and Educational Institutions

We designed ezeep to make printing as easy as possible for our users. Our blog series “Say Hello to ezeep Blue” showcases how ezeep Blue takes things a step further than ezeep Legacy, making print management for coworking and education even more hassle-free.

A busy collaborative space or a vibrant educational environment requires efficient printing solutions that are secure. This is where ezeep Blue comes in, with a mix of strong features and enhanced security to keep your printouts safe.

In the ever-changing world of digital workplaces and educational institutions, protecting sensitive data is essential. A busy collaborative space or a vibrant educational environment requires efficient printing solutions that are secure. This is where ezeep Blue comes in, with a mix of strong features and enhanced security to keep your printouts safe. But why should you choose ezeep Blue?

Printing security matters

Contrary to popular belief that digitalisation has made printing obsolete, there is still a high demand for hard copy documents. However, this comes at the risk of exposing such data to unauthorised parties. It is not enough for modern printer options to offer basic functionality, they must secure every page printed. This is where ezeep Blue excels, offering great usability as well as an effective and robust secure printing experience.

Key security features of ezeep Blue

ezeep Blue is designed to address critical security concerns in today’s printing environments. Here are three key features:

  • Encrypt print data in transit: Using industry-standard TLS 1.3 encryption, ezeep Blue ensures that all print data transferred between the user’s device and the ezeep servers is securely encrypted. This method protects the data from eavesdropping and unauthorised access, maintaining the confidentiality and integrity of documents in transit. For more information, please visit our Print Security page.
  • No direct printer access: By restricting printer access to only the ezeep Hub or ezeep Connector, ezeep Blue eliminates the risk of unauthorized direct connections from the internet. This approach significantly enhances security by ensuring that all printer communications are managed through secure, controlled channels, thereby reducing potential entry points for hackers and malware. For more information, please visit the ezeep Hub page.​
  • Secure printing feature with pull print option: Secure printing with pull print option: This feature ensures that print jobs are stored in a secure cloud queue until the user is physically present at the printer to release them, reducing unauthorised access and data breaches. It provides an additional layer of security by requiring user authentication, either via a smartphone app or RFID card, before documents are printed. For more information, please visit our Secure Pull Printing page.

Benefits of upgrading your print solution

Moving to ezeep Blue has many benefits beyond security. Here is what you can expect:

  • Leverage all the features of your printer: ezeep Blue reads the printer driver properties installed on the ezeep Blue Connector or in the cloud and makes all available features available to the user. This allows a wide range of configurations such as paper size, print quality and finishing options such as stapling, punching and binding, ensuring a fully customisable printing experience. For more information, please visit our Post about Leverage All Your Printer’s Features.
  • Print faster: ezeep Blue uses print job streaming and proprietary compression algorithms to allow print jobs to start in a matter of seconds. This significantly reduces latency and eliminates unnecessary resending of print jobs, ensuring a seamless and efficient printing experience. For more information, please visit our Post about Print Faster Than ezeep Legacy.
  • No always-on PC: ezeep Blue eliminates the need for a constantly running connector PC by using the ezeep Hub, a small hardware component on which the ezeep Blue connector is pre-installed. This setup provides an energy-efficient plug-and-play solution that simplifies printer management and significantly reduces power consumption. For more information, please visit our Post about No More Always-On Connector PCs.
  • Better mobile printing: ezeep Blue’s mobile printing apps enable seamless printing from any iOS or Android device to any ezeep managed printer, without the need for special AirPrint-enabled printers. Users can easily adjust advanced settings and print directly over Wi-Fi, ensuring secure, reliable and efficient printing from anywhere. For more information, please visit our Page about Managed Mobile Printing for iOS and Android.
  • Hassle-free printer management: With ezeep Blue, you eliminate the need to install and manage printer drivers by using the cloud-based ezeep Hub, which automatically connects printers to ezeep Blue without the need to install drivers. This simplifies the entire printing process, making it more efficient and reducing the need for connection PCs or servers. For more information, please visit our Post about Save Yourself the Hassle of Managing Printer Drivers.
  • Green Printing: ezeep Blue ensures carbon neutral printing by offsetting emissions for every page printed and by working with carbon neutral hosting providers. In addition, features such as Pull Printing and Printer Profiles help reduce unnecessary printing, save paper and reduce toner consumption, contributing to more sustainable and cost-effective printing practices. For more information, please visit our Post about More Environmentally Friendly Printing.

Designed with modern printing environments in mind, ezeep Blue offers highly intuitive and feature-rich functionality. Whether it is about security, making printing easier or greener, ezeep Blue is a complete solution.

Time for a change?

Find out more about how ezeep Blue can revolutionise your printing processes. Visit our print security page to learn more about all the advanced features and how they can transform your printing environment.

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