Direct IP Printing

Get started right away and benefit from direct IP printing without any administrative overhead

If you’re betting on local printing without print servers, it will usually cost you a lot of administrative effort and expense. Not so with ezeep Dash. With ezeep Dash, your users print locally, both quickly and easily, while the print environment is managed effortlessly via a cloud portal. Create users, define printers and assign them to individual users or user groups. Done!

The ezeep Dash User Assistant takes over the task of installing printers on users’ PCs and Macs. The appropriate printer driver, corresponding to the model and the user’s operating system, is loaded from the cloud driver store.


ezeep Dash allows direct IP printing without any administrative overhead.


  • Easiest print management: Direct IP printers are set up and managed in just a few steps via the cloud console.
  • No manual setup on PCs or Macs: Users can simply print.
  • Effortlessly deploy printers: No group policies, scripts or servers are needed.
  • Print without internet connections: The printing process fully takes place locally. This allows your users to print at any time, even if the internet connection is down.
  • Scalable to any size: Simply add users or user groups and printers.

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Need a Google Cloud Print Alternative?

Google has ended its popular cloud printing service. No need to worry though: ezeep Blue is now free for private users.



Powered by ThinPrint

Powered by ThinPrint

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