Driver Store

Managing printer drivers is often very stressful. Not with ezeep Dash. Instead of laboriously compiling printer drivers and uploading them to the cloud, conveniently choose them from the cloud console. ezeep Dash has a selection of hundreds of printer drivers in its cloud driver store.

Trouble with printer drivers? Not with ezeep Dash!


With its driver store, ezeep Dash provides simple, cloud-based management of printer drivers.


  • Free choice of printer drivers from an extensive cloud driver store, that is supported and constantly updated by the Cloud Printing Alliance
  • Easily add additional, specific printer drivers with the Upload feature
  • Clear overview with driver packages: Every printer needs different drivers for the various operating systems. To keep track, simply group printer drivers into driver packages. The ezeep Dash User Assistant on the end devices guarantees that the appropriate driver will always be installed.
  • Stress-free driver updates:  Printer drivers updated in the cloud console are automatically distributed to the PCs and Macs and installed by the ezeep Dash User Assistant.

Powered by ThinPrint

Powered by ThinPrint

ThinPrint, with 20 years of continuous development and internationally patented technology, is the leading provider of print management software and services for businesses. Its product lines ThinPrint and ezeep deliver unbeatable print performance to over 30,000 companies in any modern workplace scenario.