Universal Print Appliance

As one of the first available Universal Print appliances, the ezeep Hub is the ideal add-on for Universal Print from Microsoft. The print appliance enables all printers to print via Universal Print.

What is a Universal Print Appliance?

Universal Print is Microsoft’s Azure-based cloud printing service. If printers do not directly support this service, a Universal Print appliance is required to connect the printers. Communication from the PC to the Universal Print cloud and from there to the Universal Print appliance is based on the Internet Printing Protocol (IPP).

Universal Print for Every Printer – Thanks to ezeep Hub

As a Universal Print appliance, the ezeep Hub enables cloud printing via Universal Print in educational institutions as well as businesses without the need for a Windows PC with the appropriate connector or printers having to meet specific requirements. Whether connected via USB or the network, any printer can be instantly used with Universal Print thanks to ezeep’s Universal Print appliance.

ezeep Hub as Microsoft Universal Print Appliance provides secure and flexible printing via Microsoft Universal Print

When the ezeep Hub for Universal Print is used, printers don’t need a direct connection to the internet – significantly enhancing your IT security.

Improved Security when Printing with Universal Print

Universal Print from Microsoft is based on the Internet Printing Protocol with state-of-the-art encryption and authentication. Nevertheless, it’s always a security risk to make a device accessible via the internet. Too often, such device vulnerabilities have been exploited. To protect against attacks from the internet, it’s important to keep the respective firmware up to date, which is a challenge for many printers.

When using the ezeep Hub for Universal Print, only the print appliance needs to be accessible from the internet, and not the printers. These continue to be only available on the internal network. Our regular updates ensure that the ezeep Hub consistently meets the very latest security standards.


Universal Print and Beyond

You can use the ezeep Hub not only for Universal Print from Microsoft but also for ezeep Cloud Printing, leaving you fully flexible and on the safe side. ezeep Hub for Universal Print will be available shortly after the release of Microsoft’s solution.


Are you interested in already using the ezeep Hub with the Universal Print preview? Then simply let us know.


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Powered by ThinPrint

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