We Take Care of Printing, so You Can Flourish

With so many things on your mind, your printers shouldn’t be distracting you. We take care of printing for you, so you can focus on your start-up.

Don’t Waste Time Managing Printers

When you’re the CEO of a young and growing business, you don’t want to spend time installing printer drivers just so your team or any visiting investors can print. That’s why our no-hassle print management solution is so popular with entrepreneurs.

Guaranteed Easy Printing for Your Team and New Employees

Providing your team with printing options is as easy as sending an email. ezeep’s unique print management ensures that all employees can print to any printer, from any device, and with no fuss.

Print Without a Printer Driver

Without needing to configure anything, any user can print instantly over the internet – completely driverless via our desktop apps for Mac and PC or via their smartphone or tablet.

No More Troubleshooting

Printing problems are a thing of the past. Even if you still need help adjusting your printers or our software, we’ll be happy to help you. Whenever you have questions, we are just an email, chat message or phone call away.

The magic of ezeep is that it’s so easy to use. I don't waste time on setting up and finding the right printer anymore.

ezeep's driverless feature is a fluent and easy way to welcome new users to the space and connect them to the printer. Now I have the info of who prints and how many prints are made and that's it. It's just what I need.

ezeep is a straightforward solution – I don’t understand why every printer doesn’t come with a service like this built in.