University Students Benefit from Mobile Printing

The cloud-computing buzz has finally reached the education sector. Just like any other industry, they are motivated by the same technological developments and trends. To achieve optimum flexibility on college campuses, many students, faculty and administrators work and operate on their smartphones, tablets and laptops.

According to a survey conducted by Box in July 2013, the majority of students (78%), faculty (77%) and administrators (80%) consider themselves to be at least fairly tech-savvy. The survey also found that 50% of students are doing schoolwork daily from smartphones or tablets.

IT departments need to act and are therefore challenged to provide safe, uncomplicated and convenient solutions for such a tech-savvy population. This need, however, makes IT environments more and more complex and difficult to manage. All of these students and faculty are toting around hundreds of different devices with a huge range of operating systems. So what’s a smart sys admin or IT person to do?

Former Skype COO and ezeep Investor Michael Jackson put it best in his recent ezeep guest post“Most businesses and people don’t have resources or desire to spend time and money on staffing and problems connected with IT. But ‘The Cloud’ lets us do it – better, cheaper and faster.”

Increasingly, IT departments are outsourcing these problems to cloud-based service providers. For example, more than 100 universities are already using Box, to better share information, as well as services like the education social network Edmodo or Instructure’s learning management system, Canvas, which lets teachers and students communicate, share content and track information online.

This of course also applies for printing. IT departments around the world are faced with the challenge of integrating hundreds of different devices and platforms into their infrastructure, support their users with the installation of print drivers or the configuration of different network settings. Keeping in mind that they still need stay in control over the infrastructure, monitor usage of users and maintain their printers. This is very expensive, time consuming and can be extremely complex.

ezeep satisfies this straightforward need by replacing the current printer and print-management setup with a single, comprehensive solution: ezeep cloud-managed printing. No more drivers, no more print-management software, and no more IT headaches from printers and printing.

MIT’s IT department, for example, provides students with ezeep’s mobile solution, with native iOS and Android apps, so that students can send documents to primary campus print stations. Formerly, students spent most of their time at serviced work stations, but now they’re working seamlessly from laptops and mobile devices as well. With ezeep, students can send documents and then retrieve printouts through the Pharos hold-and-release service, which requires students to first swipe their student-ID card for a print job to be processed and printed out.

Not surprisingly, the trend in higher education space is clearly towards cloud service adoption. Considering the many advantages services like ezeep are offering, such as the easy and fast deployment process, the marked decrease on in-house IT overhead, or the simplification and standardization of the infrastructure, higher education space is not only expected to keep up with consumer-driven demand but should also be an enabler and inspirer for innovation, especially as this space enjoys a reputation as an innovator, considering that the first computers for example was deployed at Harvard, MIT, the University of Manchester and the University of Pennsylvania.

If you are interested in learning more about how ezeep can support you in providing a safe, uncomplicated and convenient printing solution, simply request a demo today.