Seamless Billing: Integrating ezeep into the Optix coworking platform

February 28, 2020

This video demonstrates how to integrate ezeep with the Optix coworking management platform.

What does the integration with Optix do?

Those already using Optix to manage coworking spaces can leverage ezeep and create a seamless billing experience for printing too.

By setting up the integration with the Optix coworking platform, you can charge users for the pages they print and then bill them automatically on their Optix invoice.

This tutorial shows how simple and quickly you can set this up with the ezeep integration. The whole process takes a matter of minutes.

Step 1: Install ezeep

Start by installing the ezeep integration in Optix. You can do this by heading to Apps > Find New Apps in the admin dashboard. Click on ezeep, and install.

Now, link your ezeep account with Optix by entering your ezeep admin credentials.

Connect to your ezeep account

Step 2: Create your ezeep user group and policy

You will need to create your user group and policies in ezeep and map it to the users who are in a payment plan in Optix.

In the ezeep management console, create a new user group. Here you can set the fee for each page a user prints.

Set pricing for pages printed with ezeep

Step 3: Map the ezeep group to users in an Optix payment plan

In Optix dashboard, establish the final link and connect users assigned to an Optix plan with the ezeep group. Configure ezeep in Optix by heading to Apps > Manage Apps > Configure. Match the Optix plan (left) with the group in ezeep you want to import these users to (right).

After that press Save and Sync.

Match users assigned to Optix plans with the ezeep group.

Once you head back to the ezeep dashboard, the Optix coworking users will have been imported into the users page in ezeep. The printing costs defined in ezeep will now appear on each user’s Optix invoice.

Automatic billing for printing in coworking spaces with ezeep and Optix

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Powered by ThinPrint

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