ezeep for Coworking Spaces, Education & Others

ezeep is our proven solution for anyone who wants to provide a convenient printing service to visitors, guests, customers or students.

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Offer your visitors, guests or students an easy way to print

In just a few clicks, your users can print from their own devices to on-site network printers. Our ezeep apps ensure an intuitive printing experience for iOS and Android. Mac and Windows users print straight from their desktop applications without having to install printer drivers.

Connect, share and manage printers easily

ezeep allows you to set up and manage printers via an intuitive web interface. Easily define printer access and visibility for individuals, groups, guests or your entire organization. All this without setting up printer drivers or other software. The ezeep dashboard provides a clear overview of printers, print volumes and printer usage for your organization.

Enable print jobs to be released via RFID Cards

ezeep is designed around modern security and privacy principles to safeguard documents while printing and uses industry-standard security measures for our infrastructure and software. For enhanced confidentiality for printouts, our pull printing option ensures printouts are started only after the user has authenticated at the printer.

Introducing the ezeep Connector for Coworking and Education


Connect your space’s or school’s printers to the cloud


  • One device to connect all your users and printers

  • ezeep will help to Configure & Maintain the Connector

  • All-Round Care with ezeep Managed Account Services


Feature Highlights

Printer Management

Centrally set up and manage printers via an intuitive web interface and make printers available to guests, customers, students and others.

Desktop Printing

With the ezeep desktop app, users easily print from any program on Windows and Mac OS X without the need to install printer drivers.

Mobile Printing

Our ezeep apps deliver a beautiful mobile printing experience for iOS and Android users.

Pull Printing

Ensure that the printout doesn’t start until the user is able to pick up his document personally at the printer.

Print Reports

Knowing more about user’s printing activity and volume allows you to make smart decisions about your printer fleet.

Powerful Integrations

ezeep integrates in many of the leading coworking management solutions to help you save time.

Minimizing the carbon-footprint of printing

As an environmentally-conscious company, we do our utmost to foster carbon-neutral printing and the conservation of resources. We’re offsetting the carbon footprint caused not just by our own printing volumes, but also our customers’ printing volumes by our support of the justdiggit.org initiative. Additionally, ezeep brings an end to the huge amount of forgotten, uncollected printouts. Our pull printing option makes sure that the printout will only be released when the user scans a QR Code or swipes a RFID card at the printer.


For Providers of Shared Workspaces

You are a provider of a coworking space and want to offer printing as a service?

For Educational Institutions

You’re a provider of education programs and want to use ezeep to provide printing to students? Please use our contact form to get a customized quote.