About Us

Our mission is to make printing simple and accessible for everyone. Because we believe that printing should be a seamless and hassle-free part of any organization’s operations, we developed the cloud-based print management solution ezeep.

With ezeep, you can easily set up and manage your printers over the cloud, as well as monitor and optimize your printing environment from anywhere. With just a few clicks all users print from any device, anywhere and at any time.

ezeep is also committed to minimizing the environmental impact of printing and ensuring that printed paper remains a responsible way to share information and collaborate with each other.

Whether you’re a private user who prints occasionally at home, or a small or large business that needs to support a variety of devices and wants an easy and sustainable way to manage everything in one place, try ezeep – it’s like printing, just better.

What Makes Us Special

Innovative Technologies

We facilitate printing for users and keep organizations in control.

20 Years of Experience

As a subsidiary of ThinPrint, we have 20 years of experience in printing.

Ease of Use

We put usability first. Feedback like yours make our solutions even better.

A Story Spanning Over Twenty Years

The fascinating story of ThinPrint’s development stretches across more than two decades. Christoph Hammer shares his memories on our unwavering quest to make printing more convenient for our customers at the start of this recent interview with Quocirca.