Customer Stories

Remote Printing of Checks

April 11, 2024

Financial expert Burgher Haggard can print checks remotely thanks to ezeep Blue. That was important because they adopted hybrid work environment during Covid lockdowns and chose to keep it after the restrictions were lifted. Read more

Automated Label Printing from SAP with ezeep Blue and Zapier   

September 29, 2023

Industrial company stores labels created from SAP in One-Drive and prints them automatically via Zapier and ezeep. Read more

Retailer Optimizes Label Printing in the Warehouse

September 28, 2023

Retailer optimizes its label printing in the warehouse with ezeep Blue. Warehouse processes have been improved as a result. Read more

Fresh, Delicious Pastries Thanks to ezeep Blue

September 26, 2023

Wholesale baker Fika Bakery uses ezeep Blue and an ezeep Hub to send production schedules to the bakery and delivery slips to the drivers. Read more

Mobile printing with tablets for field appointments and home office

July 25, 2023

The Psychiatrische Hilfsgemeinschaft PHG Viersen enables its employees to print from anywhere using mobile devices and ezeep Blue. Read more

Real Estate Lawyers Print Remotely to Headquarters

June 7, 2023

Thanks to ezeep Blue Juno´s Real Estate Lawyers Print Remotely to Headquarters. ezeep replaced Google Cloud Print and PaperCut Mobility Print. Read more

IT Service Provider Leverages ezeep Blue for Mobile Printing without a VPN    

May 31, 2023

Patrick Simon, an IT service provider, takes care of problems with PCs, printers, internet issues, smartphones, or tablets. Either remotely or in the region of Lower Austria.  After the Google Cloud Print service was discontinued, the IT expert could no longer print on the go. This is where ezeep Blue… Read more

Printing in Remote Locations without Workarounds and VPNs

May 31, 2023

Founded in 2001, Österreicher e.K. offers more than 350 companies comprehensive support in all IT matters and beyond. They aim their solutions primarily at small and medium-sized companies that want to optimize their workflows with the help of intelligent and modern software and cloud solutions. As an IT system… Read more

Logistics Provider uses ezeep Blue for Home Office Printing and for Integrating Third-Party Printers without VPN

May 31, 2023

QCS, Quick Cargo Service, has been an established logistics provider for almost 50 years. Air and sea freight are the two core businesses of the company. QCS has offices across the most important German and European economic regions. The company is well respected at home and abroad and is a… Read more

Mobile Android Printing for the Timber Trade   

May 30, 2023

Holz-Mayrhofer, a mid-sized, family-run company based in Bavaria, is one of the leading timber wholesalers in southern Germany. Founded in 1930, the company looks back on a more than 90-year history.    In the company’s warehouse, employees use their Android smartphones and tablets to print consignment orders and other documents. This… Read more