Which Print Requirements Do Logistics and Retail Companies Have?

The ability to deliver quick turnarounds is what separates industry leaders from challengers – bottlenecks due to printing must be avoided at all costs.

Logistics and retail companies handle high volumes of print jobs, such as shipping labels, packing lists, invoices, receipts, delivery notes and other regulatory and compliance documents.

Often a single order requires multiple print jobs, of which many are triggered in different locations, offices, or shop floors by different systems, such as Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) systems, Warehouse Management Systems (WMS), or retail Point of Sale (POS) systems. The ideal print management solution for retail and logistics must be capable of managing and maintaining these types of complex and decentralized print environments.

How Can Logistics and Retail Leverage ezeep Blue?

ezeep Blue’s cloud-based printing technology is the best equipped to not only meet these challenges but also go beyond and enable innovation in other areas.

It delivers scalable cloud printing for retail and logistics and is designed to work with any printing device, regardless of brand or model. This means you can manage all your printers across multiple locations through a single, centralized platform. Staff can print to any printer outside of their network without needing VPNs. Print output is also easily automated from backend systems, saving time, reducing manual intervention, and enhancing productivity. It is an essential part of digital transformation in retail and logistics.

Print Solutions for Retail and Logistic

Automate Printing – With or Without Code

Utilize our API to integrate printing into your ERP, WMS or POS applications or systems.

ezeep Blue integrates with Zapier, Make and Pabbly for easy, no-code creation of automated print workflows.


Centralized Label Printer Management

Ensure shipping labels and QR codes for packages are rendered correctly and customize them to your specific requirements

ezeep Blue’s unique cloud rendering feature, as well as our and partnerships with printer manufacturers allows you to leverage the cloud for an extensive range of label printers

Thanks to the Printer Profiles feature, you can minimize errors, increase productivity, and reduce printing costs with resource-saving printer settings

Centrally manage label printers, as well as standard office printers, from one tool. Thanks to validation with Zebra printers for example, you can expect consistent printing.


Mobile Print Management

Deliver effortless printing to any printer, from anywhere, even when using iPads, iPhones, or Android devices

Adjust print settings, such as paper size, page selection, etc. accordingly and utilize all printer features.

Great for retail stores which operate a cloud-based point of sale app on a tablet or delivery drivers which need to print delivery papers on the move.


Endpoint Consolidation – Eliminate “Print Only” PCs and Servers

Lower hardware and operational costs by consolidating print servers and Windows PCs which are simply needed for driver installation and management

Use the ezeep Hub micro appliance to replace on premises print infrastructure at remote locations and easily manage connected printers with one central tool

Fulfill endpoint minimization projects, ThinClient or virtual desktop deployments without disrupting critical print workflows


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