ThinPrint Cloud Services at ISTE conference in San Antonio

ThinPrint Cloud Services will be sponsoring this year’s ISTE conference taking place in San Antonio, Texas. ISTE is a major event for technology in education and draws thousands of educators as well as ed tech professionals. ezeep, with its superior mobile, desktop and Chrome printing abilities could not pass up on the opportunity to take part.

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Printing in Coworking Spaces

According to Deskmag, printing is more important than coffee for coworking space users. It is also a major pain point for coworking space operators. Have a look at this infographic to see for yourself and find out how you can print without hassle and easily provide print services to your guests and customers.

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Love Your Printers

ezeep is being used at more and more bigger companies and organisations – like universities – who are managing and using a lot of printers. Within those environments a printer list on the Print Now page or on desktop became quite messy for end users and involved a lot of scrolling and scanning for the right printer.

So today, we’re rolling out some new features targeted towards end users dealing with many printers: favoriting and filtering your printers.

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