Bridging Cloud and Local Printing Infrastructure

The ezeep Hub connects your printers to the ezeep Blue cloud instantly. There are no mechanical components and no maintenance – just relaxed printing.

ezeep Hub bridges cloud and local printing infrastructure

The Easy Way to Admin-Free Branch Offices

Thanks to the ezeep Hub, no IT know-how is necessary on site in your branch offices. The device simply connects to your network and automatically searches for printers. In just a few clicks, you can easily assign these cloud printers to users. Costly and maintenance-intensive print servers in your branch offices can be finally eliminated.

Secure Printing in Branch Offices – Encrypted and Without Requiring VPN

All print jobs are transmitted securely, TLS-encrypted right up to the ezeep Hub meaning you can forego expensive VPN connections for your branch offices. And soon you will be able to use the ezeep Hub for secure pull printing by simply connecting it to up to 4 card readers.

A Small Hardware Appliance That Accomplishes a Lot

There is much more to the ezeep Hub than automatic printer location. Thanks to cloud rendering, there is no longer any need to find, install and test printer drivers. To ensure that printing is always fast, print jobs are highly compressed when transmitted. The innovative device also supports mobile and remote session printing. In addition, the compact appliance is low-maintenance and cost-effective.


Start your ezeep Hub as easy as this

Our short tutorial guides you through the first steps with your ezeep Hub.