270 Million Users Can Print Directly from Teams with ezeep Blue – No File Download or PDF Conversion Required

For the first time, the ezeep Blue Office add-in provides seamless printing of Word and Excel files in Microsoft Teams without having to download the file or create a PDF

Berlin/Denver, September 28, 2022 — ThinPrint, the leading enterprise print management expert, today announced the launch of its ezeep Blue Office add-in for Microsoft 365 — and thus for Microsoft Teams — to enable printing in Word and Excel directly from the Microsoft Teams app.

Microsoft Teams is one of the most widely used applications in companies across the globe. More than 270 million people worldwide use the Teams application for chats and meetings, according to Microsoft. Although convenient and fast for collaboration, it is cumbersome when it comes to printing. Documents shared in Teams can’t be printed directly but must first be downloaded, reopened and sent to the printer of choice. Alternatively, when you select the “Print” menu item, a PDF is automatically created, which you can then send to the printer.

An Office add-in from ezeep Blue now provides a shortcut to these awkward processes. Word and Excel documents can be printed directly from Teams. The add-in can be installed easily via the AppSource Store which is integrated in Teams. Once the Office add-in is installed and printers are linked to an ezeep Blue account, printing can be triggered immediately, without the need to download and re-open the document. Printing also works not only in Teams, but also in desktop and online versions of Word and Excel.

“With this add-in, we round out our offering for Microsoft and now support Office 365 in addition to Azure Virtual Desktop and Cloud PC,” said Charlotte Künzell, CEO of ThinPrint GmbH. “This seamless integration of ezeep Blue based on our JavaScript library ezeep.js impressively demonstrates how easily and elegantly printing can be integrated into any web application with our solution.”

More information about Teams printing or printing from Office 365 in our video:  https://ezeep.io/teamsdemo

To create a free account visit https://www.ezeep.com/free-trial/.

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