Easily provision, manage and optimize printers for Azure Virtual Desktop

Printing has always been a critical issue when deploying virtual desktops. This is where a professional printing solution like ezeep Blue is needed. Simply create a free ezeep Blue account and sync your Entra ID groups with ezeep with a single click. ezeep Blue’s user-friendly web portal eliminates the need for complex group policies and scripts, ensuring print management is anything but complicated. Printer Profiles also make it easy to minimize errors, increase productivity, or reduce printing costs with resource-saving default printer settings.

The optimal Azure virtual desktop printing experience with just a few clicks

With ezeep there is no need to manage any drivers on devices. A connector for Windows or the ezeep Blue Hub enables you to centrally provision all printers. Local printers for PC, Mac and IGEL are seamlessly mapped into the virtual desktop via desktop agents. The result: users enjoy an optimal user experience and a wide range of possibilities – from home office printing and label printing to session printing for iPhone and Android.

Why ezeep for Azure Virtual Desktop?

The Easiest Print Management Solution You Can Imagine 

Manage your print environment centrally in the ezeep web portal without having to worry about print data security, scripts, GPOs, failover, print drivers or the operation of print servers. VPN is not required and, thanks ezeep’s integration into Microsoft Entra ID, there is no duplicated user administration either. Just assign any printers to Microsoft Entra ID user groups. 

Super-Fast Printing with Great User Experience

Thanks to compression and streaming, users print 5 times faster than before. The print workflow is always the same, irrespective of whether the virtual desktop is accessed via a remote desktop app or an HTML browser. The intuitive My Printers feature allows users to easily select their own printers too. 

Highest Security Standards

ezeep enables compliance with the EU General Data Protection Regulation (EU GDPR) and is ideal for zero-trust environments. All print data is transmitted TLS 1.2 encrypted and deleted from the ezeep server immediately after printing. Pull printing prevents printouts containing confidential information from being picked up by non-authorized persons at the printer tray. 

Say Ciao to Printer Drivers & Print Servers!

No drivers are needed either on the virtual desktop or device as all print jobs are rendered 100% in the cloud. Alongside our cloud-based driver pool, you are spared the hassle of printer driver management and driver testing. Desktop agents dynamically connect local printers for PC, Mac and IGEL, while print servers can be replaced with the maintenance-free ezeep Hub 

Integrate Network Printers into Branch Offices via Plug n’ Play

The ezeep Hub makes printers accessible at all locations without the need for a PC or server on site. Simply connect our small appliance into the network and all printers become available. Expensive VPN connections for your branch offices are a thing of the past thanks to ezeep Hub. 

Fairly Licensed & Socially Responsible  

No nasty surprises! We only license per user, meaning you don’t have to record the number of pages or print jobs. ezeep is also run in carbon-neutral data centres. Through our partnership with Justdiggit, we offset the carbon footprint of our customers’ printing paper and energy use, helping our customers achieve their CSR goals too.   

More Than Just Straightforward Printing From Azure 

ezeep goes far beyond Windows 365 and Azure Virtual Desktop to optimize all other office printing use cases. We make it easy for users to print, whether they’re using a Chromebook, iPhone or Windows 365. Since Azure Virtual Desktop comes with the option of free Windows 7 Extended Security Updates, ezeep also supports Windows 7 and Windows 2012 R2.


Read Our Free Whitepaper on Azure Virtual Desktop

The flyer provides an overview of how to get started with Azure Virtual Desktop and ezeep’s professional printing solution – One of several launch partner for AVD to deliver efficient printing for enterprises.