The Universal Print Connector by ezeep ensures the successful operation of Universal Print from Microsoft. The print connector enables in-market printers to print instantly via Universal Print.

Connect Universal Print to Any Printer

Universal Print is Microsoft’s Azure-based cloud printing service. If printers do not directly support this service, a Universal Print connector is required to connect the printers.

Universal Print Connector by ezeep enables cloud printing via Universal Print in organizations of all kinds without the need for a Windows PC with the appropriate connector software or printers having to meet specific requirements.

Improved Security for Universal Print Environments

Universal Print from Microsoft is based on the Internet Printing Protocol (IPP) with state-of-the-art encryption and authentication. However, printers need to be able to access the internet which can be exploited.

When using the Universal Print Connector by ezeep, only the print connector needs to access the internet. The communication between connector and printers takes place via the local network. Our regular updates ensure that ezeep’s Universal Print Connector consistently meets the very latest security standards.

Make Your Printers Universal Print-Enabled in Our Convenient Web Console

The Universal Print Connector by ezeep connects to Microsoft Universal Print via the internet and automatically searches for printers in your network. The printers are reported back to the ezeep Admin Portal. In just a few clicks, you’ll have set up your Universal Print environment.

Each Universal Print Connector by ezeep can connect up to 30 printers to the Universal Print Cloud.

Useful Resources


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Admin Guide

FAQ and Universal Print Connector by ezeep setup guide
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Recommended by Microsoft

The Universal Print Connector by ezeep is recommended by Microsoft.

Free Printer Choice

Whether connected via USB or the network, any printer can be instantly used with Universal Print.

Enhanced Security

None of your printers need to access the internet, significantly improving your IT security.

Wide Range of Uses

The connector enables Universal Print with printers in home offices, offices, or branch offices.

Save Costs

You don’t have to buy new printers that support Microsoft’s Universal Print or upgrade your print devices.

Ease the Burden of Your IT Staff

Universal Print Connector is set up in seconds, and no maintenance is required.