How ezeep Blue Works

ezeep Blue makes printing from any device to any printer a breeze.


1. Create Account

Registration takes little more than a minute. We offer a free plan for small teams and in the first 14 days you test the full functionality of our paid plans free of charge.

2. Connect Printers

You have the following options to connect printers to ezeep Blue:

  • Install the ezeep Connector, which is available for download after signing up, on a Windows PC or Windows Server (macOS coming soon). Make sure you have already installed your printers on the Windows PC/Server where you want to install the ezeep Connector. Your printer manufacturer should provide you with instructions on how to do this. A guide on installing the Connector is also in our Knowledge Base
  • Use our mobile apps, which let you print to all printers in the same WiFi network automatically, as well as an ezeep-managed printers assigned to the user.
  • Plug in an ezeep Hub to detect all printers in the same network. This is ideal for MacOS / ChromeOS admins or to avoid the need for an always-on PC / server on which the ezeep Connector software would otherwise run.
  • Use a printer with an integrated ezeep Connector.
  • Use a thin client with an integrated ezeep Connector.

Want to know if your printer is supported? Download the ezeep Connector to a device and all printers installed on it will work. The ezeep Hub and our mobile apps use one of around 6,000 printer drivers in the cloud. Try a similar driver (e.g. Epson XP 4100 instead of Epson XP 355) if you don’t see your model or ask us to add it to the driver pool.

3. Share Printers

Inviting other users to ezeep Blue is a piece of cake. Just go to Users & Groups and click on Add User at the top to share printers with others.
All users in Microsoft Entra ID can also be synchronized with ezeep Blue with the click of a button.

4. Install App and Print

All users can install the ezeep Blue app on their devices that they print with. Depending on the scenario, the admin can also push the app to the users with the help of third-party tools.

  • iPhone and iPad: ezeep Blue app in the Apple App Store
  • Android: ezeep Blue app on Google Play
  • Microsoft Windows, Google Chrome, Apple macOS: These apps are available in the Admin Portal after you sign in to your account
  • Web App: No installation needed. Just sign in to ezeep Blue and click “Print Now” at the bottom of your browser.

The Apps for Desktops (Windows, Chrome and macOS) automatically make printers available from the standard print dialog.